Q: What is the policy number?

A: CLA510H


Q: What is the effective date?

A:  August 1, 2011


Q: What is the policy expiration date?

A: August 1, 2012


Q: If I missed the original registration or waived coverage initially and now want the coverage, how do I go about getting it?

A: Coverage becomes effective on that date or the first day of the semester/session for which full premium is received by the Company (or its authorized representative), whichever is later.


Q: How do I know if I am eligible to take the Student Accident & Sickness Insurance?

A: All students carrying seven (7) hours or more for the Fall and Spring Semesters, four (4) hours for Summer

Session) attending Nicholls State University shall be covered or protected by this plan anywhere at anytime

during the dates of the school’s semesters. The purchase of insurance by students carrying less than seven hours is optional.


Q: Can I get the insurance to cover my spouse and/or children?

A: Students covered under this insurance may also purchase coverage for their dependents. Dependents means the Insured’s lawful spouse; unmarried children including stepchildren, foster children, legally adopted children, children of adoptive parents pending adoption proceedings, natural children, and unmarried grandchildren in the legal custody of the Insured, who chiefly rely on the Insured for support and maintenance and are within the following age groups: under 21 years of age; 21 but less than 25 years of age and enrolled in a School as a full-time student. Covered dependent spouses that are 50 years of age or greater may continue as insured when their eligibility for coverage ceases under the policy due to the death of the student. Additional information and enrollment forms may be obtained from our local agent:


Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc./Sternfels Insurance Division.

P.O. Box 5087,

Thibodaux, LA 70302, (985) 446-5602.


Q: What does this insurance cover?

A: The Student Injury and Sickness plan covers medical expenses which arise from an accidental Injury or Sickness which occurs while you are covered under this program.


Q: Does this policy pay all medical bills in full?

A: In most circumstances, it will not. There are exclusions and limitations in the Policy, so you will need to refer to the brochure.


Q: Can I go to any doctor?

A: Yes you may. However, you are encouraged to go to the University Health Service Clinic first whenever possible and then go to a physician participating in the First Health Preferred Provider Network. Click here for a listing of Preferred Providers.

Q: Where do I get a claim form?

A:  Claim forms and instructions on claim procedure are available at the University Health Service Clinic, or on this plan web site there is a link to print a claim form, or you may contact Bollinger to have one mailed to you.


Q: Does this policy cover me for my annual physicals?

A: No.


Q: Is there a deductible on this policy?

A: There are deductibles for Outpatient Expenses (waived if referred for treatment by the

Student Health Service professional staff).  Please read the BASIC BENEFITS section of this plan for details.


Q: What if I am out of state when I get sick or injured?

A: If away from school, consult a doctor and follow his/her instruction. Notify the University Health Service Clinic as soon as possible to file a claim.


Q: How do I get an I.D. card?

A: Yes, you will get an ID card.  There is also a temporary ID card you may use that is attached to the enrollment form in the plan brochure.  There is also a temporary ID card on this plan web site you may print and use.


Q: What is the policy’s maximum benefit?

A: The maximum benefit per Injury or Sickness is $10,000.  There are internal limits and exclusions, so please read the entire brochure to know your coverage.


Q: What do you pay for doctor’s visits?

A: For a covered Injury or Sickness, Doctor’s Visits are covered up to $20.00 per visit per day not to exceed $200.00.  Please read the plan brochure to understand all the benefits and exclusions.


Q: If I have a specific question about coverage who can I call?

A: You can call Bollinger Inc.  at 1- 800-526-1379 and ask to be connected to the College Department, or you can e-mail Jane Farrell.